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Patient Stories

Connor’s Anterior Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocation Patient Story

Successful surgeries for athletes aren’t always defined by a return to sport. Sometimes, it can be as simple as going through your day without incessant pain–a reminder that your body isn’t in optimal condition. For Connor Grant, a former...read more

Patient Stories

LA Kings Akil Thomas’ Road to Recovery

In this patient story, we watch LA Kings’ Akil Thomas recovery from his recent injury. There’s no easy road to recovery when you’re injured, but it’s a lot faster when you have a world-class orthopedic team at your side...read more

Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Frank Petrigliano featured in Orthopedics Today’s article, ‘Surgeons navigate options for massive rotator cuff tears’

Dr. Petrigliano was recently featured in Orthopedics Today’s article, ‘Surgeons navigate options for massive rotator cuff tears’. Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘Defined as a tear greater than 5 cm in the anterior-posterior dimension or a complete...read more

Patient Stories

Kai’s Tommy John Surgery Patient Story

The well-known adage “no pain, no gain” drives attitudes of perseverance and fosters resilience. It is faithfully embraced by many – especially athletes. It promises reward for diligence and commitment. However, often at the cost of injury. The Injury:...read more

Patient Stories

Michael’s Rotator Cuff Repair Patient Story

The Injury: Massive rotator cuff tear It took eight years for Michael Sullivan to seek treatment for his torn rotator cuff. Many asked why. But for Sullivan, better known as “Sully”, the reason was always clear. Having been in...read more

Patient Stories

Thomas’ ACL Reconstruction Surgery Patient Story

Since he was two-years old, Thomas Vitale would pick up his TV guide and search for the string of letters that resembled ‘soccer’. Eventually, finding those letters became rhythmic to him–fast enough to catch kick-off. “Soccer was the first...read more