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Navigation Can Improve the Accuracy of Implant Position in Shoulder Replacement

Posted on: November 8th, 2020 by Our Team

I was skeptical of the value of navigation for shoulder replacement. I always felt that by evaluating the pre-operative imaging and using my experience, I knew what implants I would need and the correct orientation of those implants. However as I reviewed the most current literature, I found that there may be unrealized benefits of navigation, and at a minimum, pre-op planning software for my practice.

Surgeons can then execute their plan in real time during the surgery based on a 3-D anatomical model of the patient’s shoulder, making adjustments as needed. This unique technology gives greater visibility to the shoulder anatomy, allowing for more consistent and accurate implant placement.

Data can be collected over many surgeries, and comparisons made between implant position and patient outcomes. This data helps inform surgical decisions to maximize improvement in pain and range of motion. Multiple studies have demonstrated the value of navigation in improving implant position over conventional surgery.

Consequently, I have been using navigation much more frequently, particularly in difficult cases where bone wear may require advanced planning.

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