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Rotator Cuff Injuries: A Discussion with Dr. Frank Petrigliano hosted by Keck Medicine of USC

In this video produced by Keck Medicine of USC, Dr. Petrigliano and Dr. Jay Lieberman discuss and share more information about rotator cuff injuries, including how this type of shoulder injury is diagnosed and treated. Watch the video below....read more

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Watch Dr. Frank Petrigliano discusses how stem cells can be used to repair massive rotator cuff injuries by OREF.

OREF grant recipient Dr. Frank Petrigliano is investigating how stem cells can be used to repair massive rotator cuff injuries. Watch the video below....read more

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Dr. Frank Petrigliano Discusses Tommy John Surgery with SB Nation

Today’s MLB athletes play harder than ever, their bodies more explosive and precisely calibrated than those of any prior generation. With these gains in athleticism come heightened and more diverse injury risks. This past season, two former MVP frontrunners...read more

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Frank Petrigliano, MD, Named Head Team Physician for LA Kings

Dr. Petrigliano was recently featured in NHL.com for being named head team physician to the LA Kings. Here’s an excerpt and quote from article, “I am excited to join Keck Medicine and provide care to the LA Kings and...read more

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Weekend Warrior Interview: Revolutionary & Career Saving Shoulder Surgeries

Dr. Petrigliano was recently featured on the Weekend Warrior podcast on ESPN Radio to discuss how the arthroscope revolutionized shoulder surgery and the field of sports medicine. He also talks about the career-saving shoulder surgeries that star Julio Urias,...read more

In The Media

Stem Cells Can Regenerate Muscle Tissue After Rotator Cuff Tears

A research team led by Dr. Frank Petrigliano, member of the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center, has identified two types of tissue-specific stem cells that have the potential to regenerate shoulder muscle tissue injured by a rotator cuff...read more