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Watch Dr. Frank Petrigliano discusses how stem cells can be used to repair massive rotator cuff injuries by OREF.

OREF grant recipient Dr. Frank Petrigliano is investigating how stem cells can be used to repair massive rotator cuff injuries. Watch the video below....read more

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Sports medicine innovations are helping weekend warriors stay in the game.

Call them recreational athletes. Couch-to-5K joggers. Weekend warriors. Whichever name you use, they’re the ones who wait all week to hit the soccer field, basketball court or running trail on Saturday morning. They’re up at 5 a.m. for a long...read more

Patient Stories

A Sporting Chance: Anna Glenn’s truly inspiring patient story.

After a lifetime of competitive gymnastics, former national champion Anna Glenn looks to Keck Medicine of USC and Frank Petrigliano, MD, to get ready for a new routine. Anna Glenn was just 2 years old when her parents enrolled...read more

Clinical Research

Navigation Can Improve the Accuracy of Implant Position in Shoulder Replacement

I was skeptical of the value of navigation for shoulder replacement. I always felt that by evaluating the pre-operative imaging and using my experience, I knew what implants I would need and the correct orientation of those implants. However...read more

Knee Surgery

Choosing an ACL Graft – what is your best option?

If you’ve torn your ACL and you are debating surgery, deciding on the type of graft to use to reconstruct the ligament can be a source of significant anxiety and confusion.  You may encounter conflicting information on the chance...read more

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Fracture Q&A

What are the common types of shoulder fractures and how do they happen? The most common types of fractures seen around the shoulder are clavicle (collarbone) fractures and proximal humerus fractures (ball of the ball and socket joint). Clavicle...read more