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Rotator Cuff Repair Specialist

Frank Petrigliano, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon located in El Segundo, CA and serving Los Angeles, CA and South Bay, CA. Now offering virtual care & appointments

Having a torn rotator cuff doesn’t always mean you need surgery. But if you do, choose a doctor who has extensive knowledge and experience in minimally invasive shoulder procedures. Frank Petrigliano, MD, at USC Epstein Family Center for Sports Medicine, Los Angeles, California, specializes in rotator cuff repair surgery, including arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs. His surgical center provides you with the most modern approach to rotator cuff repair so you have lasting results with minimal recovery time.

Rotator Cuff Repair Q & A

What happens during the rotator cuff repair surgery?

Your surgery is specific to your injury. If needed, Dr. Petrigliano removes loose fragments of soft tissue, any bursa, or other debris from your shoulder joint. He can shave off part of your shoulder blade or remove bone spurs, to make more room for your rotator cuff tendon. This usually helps minimize irritation.

If you have a tear in your supraspinatus tendon, he sews it up at the same time. He takes the time to ensure everything looks normal and makes any other repairs while he’s in there, so hopefully, you don’t need another surgery in the future.

Is surgery always required for rotator cuff tears?

No. Sometimes you can live a full life with little to no discomfort if you have a minor rotator cuff tear. But you might need surgery if you have:

  • A tear larger than 3 cm
  • A recent shoulder injury
  • Significant shoulder weakness
  • Loss of function and shoulder mobility
  • Remained at the same pain level for at least six months
  • Continued decreased mobility

Can my rotator cuff repair be done with an arthroscope?

Often times, yes. An arthroscope is a long tube with a tiny camera at the end. During surgery, Dr. Petrigliano only has to make a few small incisions — one for the scope and some for the instruments he uses. While this usually is the preferred way to perform a rotator cuff surgery, since it provides a clearer view of the surgical field, it isn’t feasible for all.

In some cases, Dr. Petrigliano might have to do an open rotator cuff repair. You’ll know well in advance which type of surgery you’ll have, so you can prepare either way.

How long is the recovery for a rotator cuff repair?

You start passive exercises with a physical therapist right away. About a month after surgery, he or she starts on more active exercises. Two to three months after surgery, you begin doing strengthening exercises to regain muscle mass. Most men and women have adequate strength and range of motion about 4-6 months after surgery. You continue to improve from there.

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